About Avodah


Avodah was birthed from the need to fix a problem. Before Avodah, there were no quality AI tools that had the ability to assist with sign-language translation. Avodah built patent-protected, proprietary technology to fill this gap in languages around the world.

In doing so, Avodah has accelerated technology capabilities to translate oral and written languages as well. This has resulted in a unique technology today that can answer to all modes of communication, and once learned, can do it in real time.


Avodah’s technology has been built with people in the middle.
The technology was not created to stand alone and replace people, but instead to bring people together. The team at Avodah values relationship.

Avodah exists for the mission of connecting all people through inspired technology to work, worship, and serve.

We want to help our clients understand and connect with the marginalized. For thousands of years, certain people groups have been underserved or overlooked.

This begs the question, how do we connect and go deeper with these people groups who are not seen, heard, or understood?
Our clients will know faster, understand better, and serve better than their competitors, thus giving them a competitive edge.


Avodah values these 5 principles:

We are intentional
with speed

We deliver our work and service with excellence

We pioneer through innovation

We maintain a posture
of generosity

We treat each other
like family