The proprietary aspect of what we do (patents are in progress) is what sets us apart. We’ve figured out how to do real-time action recognition across multi-framed media. While others can only slowly perform body analysis in archived video, we can do it live, in real time.

We are being recognized for our pioneering work, too. Six patents have already been issued, 4 patents have been awarded (expected to be issued), and 2 more patents are pending.

We built this software to work under the worst of conditions. It does work with run-of-the-mill footage, even that from a basic laptop webcam. We intentionally built software that would function in a low-cost, lower-quality environment so that we could keep the cost barrier low for our customers.

At the same time, our system also works with special purpose-built hardware that uses depth-sensing cameras. We are positioned well for both the average user with a standard webcam and high-end users with specialized equipment.

Our accuracy level is over 97% and often reaches 99.9%. Our AI is always improving, but we have the additional benefit of working with the Bible.

While it is one of the hardest books to translate, the Bible has been translated numerous times, which makes for a large useful data set. This data set is a major part of how we reach our surprisingly high accuracy rate.

We are not limited by any language. At this point we are working with American sign language and English texts, but people will eventually be able to select among all sorts of available languages.

In our full suite of tools that are coming soon, multiple users will be able to select different languages, which can be translated in real time, letting people with linguistic barriers connect with one another in a deeper way.