Using inspired technology
to connect people

Who we are

Avodah is a technology company that specializes in building and deploying artificial intelligence tools. We are a Kingdom-impact company that primarily specializes in language, image, and sound translation. Our technologies apply to multiple markets, currently focusing on language, medical, and security. We have assembled a team of experts in AI to develop technologies to communicate between text, oral, and sign languages.

What we do

Avodah technology utilizes a proprietary combination of 2D and 3D Neural Networking, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, and Sound & Computer Vision. It currently holds 6 issued patents, 1 allowed patent, and 7 pending patents. There are broad capabilities including cloud, apps, and custom tools.

Where we focus today


Real-time translation of sign language, spoken language, and written language


Transcribing of general sign language and spoken language into written form

Language Preservation

Capturing and recording a language for its preservation at any given point in time

Language Re-education

Facilitating language learning through technologically advanced educational tools


Translation and transcription between doctor and patient, and diagnostic assistance


Applied machine translation, language services, and software

When we will start

Opening up with approximately $5–$8 million in investment

MARCH 2020


To date, Avodah has won $1.8M in contracts

Avodah is now in its second phase of funding and offers a valuable return for investors

Investor deck available upon request


Avodah, Inc. 4621 S. Cooper St., Ste 131 - sol, Arlington, TX 76017 | (817)558-7100