Real-time translation of sign language, spoken language, and written language


Transcribing of general sign language and spoken language into written form

Language Preservation

Capturing and recording a language for its preservation at any given point in time

Language Education

Facilitating language learning with technologically advanced educational tools


Extending primary care to remote locations through video conferencing and vital tracking

At-home Care

Connecting patients to doctors from the comfort of their home through sensor technology and vital tracking

Aging in Place

Specialized care for the elderly, through sensor technology, to track movement and prescription use

Medical Transcription

Real-time transcription, for doctor and patient, allowing more accurate documentation

We provide

Our rapid development team is ready to serve you.

Avodah’s highly skilled staff will come alongside you to provide a customized solution in language and medical services.

A typical project would include three steps:



Avodah’s team will evaluate the problems you are facing, by assessing how our technology can solve those problems.



Avodah’s team will partner with you to create a customized solution using our patented technology.



By implementing your customized solution, Avodah will provide you with speed, accuracy and scalability to solve your problem.